PR-酚醛树脂-Phenolic Resins

摩擦材料 Frictionmore…


We offer phenolic resins as binder for friction materials which are used for brake
linings, disc brake pads, clutch plates of transmission and others with superior heat
resistance and adhesive performance.

轮胎 橡胶 Tire Rubbermore…


We offer phenolic resins for rubber products to improve reinforcement, vulcanization
and formability.

砂轮、砂布砂纸 Griding wheels / Coated Abrasivemore…


We offer phenolic resins for bonded/coated abrasives with high mechanical strength
and good adhesive performance.

涂料 复合材料 Coatings, Adhesives, Compositesmore…

此外,酚醛树脂系列涂料的应用领域包含与环氧树脂配合而成的金属表层涂料, 具有

Since industrial production of Phenol resin began in the beginning of 20th century,
Phenol resin has been used in various fields and applications, utilizing its features
such as heat resistance and mechanical strength, flame retardant, adhesiveness and
excellent workability. We offer our resin for organic material (wood, paper, cloth) –
based composite component. In addition, Phenol resin has also used for metal
coating in combination with epoxy resin, utilizing its feature such as excellent water
resistance, chemical resistance, excellent adhesiveness.